I don’t know about you, but I think today was a low point for our country. I haven’t felt like this since the day of the attacks on 9/11. It was a day that made me sick to my stomach. When I heard the President tell Israel that they must move back their territorial boundaries, I was aghast. I have disagreed with President Obama on many issues because I see his socialist and statist views to be antithetical to the founding principles of this country (forget the birth certificate, that is why I don’t believe he is an American) but his speech today on the Palestinian/Israel issue was tragic, misinformed, misguided, seriously dangerous and a terrible betrayal. The betrayal was not only towards the nation of Israel, but it was a betrayal of the principles of this country. In addition, it is a betrayal of the American people and every administration of the past 65 years.

I know there are some who look to Israel as the cause or originator of much of the violence in the Middle East, but it is important that we remember that Israel was established by a resolution in the United Nations (some would say “at the point of a gun”) but the main reason for the UN establishing a place for Israel at all, was the long history of Jewish persecution in Europe that culminated in Holocaust in the 40’s.

There are frequent and loud and virulent calls for the annihilation of Israel. Every time Iran, or Hezbollah or Hamas or any number of other Mid East leaders call for the annihilation of Israel, that UN resolution is defied. Since their founding and through the attack on Israel by Arab nations in 1967 they have been under the threat of attack or under actual attacks on their territory. It is ironic that although the UN established the nation, they now so often find themselves at odds with the Israeli position.

While Israel may be perceived by some to provoke the attacks, they are the only non-Arab nation in the region and they are the only Democratically elected government in the area. In addition they are the only nation that does not frequently pronounce or have significant parts of their population pronounce “Death to the Great Satan”. As a result they often find themselves under attack from surrounding terrorist organizations, organizations that are secretly funded by the likes of Iran and Saudi Arabia among others.      

All of that aside, today President Obama represented to the world that the United States is siding with terrorist organizations including Hamas, Hezbollah and the nation of Iran in calling for Israel to give up territory to set up a Palestinian state. Regardless of what you may think about Israel, it is absolutely unconscionable that we would unilaterally tell a sovereign nation that they need to give up territory to organizations that are committed to their total destruction. At one time Hitler was also committed to a final solution for Jews and we were shocked, horrified and strongly opposed to his plans. What has happened in the interim that we find ourselves allied with people and organizations that have the same ideas.

For the record, the President may have spoken with the collective “we” and the he may have said the United States, but he does not speak for me. I stand opposed to the terrorist organizations and the Arab Nations that call for Israel’s destruction. I stand with Israel. They have a right to exist and should not have to negotiate with pre-conditions with organizations that are committed to their destruction.