There has been a lot written recently including this piece in, about all the uprisings around the world, particularly in the Middle East, but also in England and Wisconsin, describing this as how democracy works, but I am not too sure. As Americans we tend to see people demonstrating against oppressive regimes as signs of democracy and view them sympathetically because of our own founding as a country in declaring our independence from England. I think this is a mis-reading of our founding and it leads to the wrong conclusions when looking at revolutions around the world, and in Wisconsin. 

In 1776 the thirteen colonies had their own governments, their own court systems and their own elections with many rights protected by the Crown. The thirteen colonies were established to govern the territories of America. The American revolution was not to displace those structures but a revolution to establish those structures as the ultimate governing authorities independent of the control of the Crown. In every revolution or demonstration that we are watching in the world today, these circumstances do not exist.

Governments are established by God to establish order and to punish the wrong-doer and to reward those who do right and we have an obligation to be subject to those who are in authority over us. How can we look at the mobs in the streets, or the rebels taking up weapons to oust their leaders and say “this is what Democracy looks like”? Unless there is a structure in place to establish order, the uprising only lead to chaos.

My take is that we should not be too hasty in lauding these “democratic” revolutions.