Are you serious? That would be unprecedented! What has he done to warrant a call for resignation? If it is so bad why doesn’t the Congress impeach him? Besides, he’ll never resign, why waste the time and energy to ask for it?

Wow, those are all questions I have and more when this thought first came to mind. I am not at all sure this would solve anything, but the thought keeps coming back to me. President Barack Obama really ought to resign.

Resignation is usually done for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the resignation is voluntary as someone feels that they have accomplished all they intended to accomplish or they just feel that they want to move into another phase of life or pursue other challenges.

Sometimes the resignation is not exactly voluntary, but is sort of expected by culture or society, so resignation is tendered. I have noticed this more in Asian, particularly the Japanese culture, where leaders will sometimes resign if their business or the organization they are leaving is not performing, or has some very public blunder or disaster. It is akin to falling on your sword because you have failed to perform.

Usually resignation is not something that someone will just do on their own initiative. It is usually forced upon them. In the business world, often managers or executives are given the opportunity to resign so as to avoid being fired. It is typically a face-saving gesture on the part of the company for someone who is really not doing their job. Sometimes a public scandal will cause someone to resign because they have lost the confidence of those they lead and/or they need time to heal the damage caused by the scandal and that can not be accomplished while continuing in their position.

I guess the reasons for asking Mr. Obama to resign would be a mix between the latter two reasons. He is doing a disservice to the country, he is leading us into disaster and he is not doing his job. In fact some of his actions are downright non-American. Who cares where he was born, his actions as president are very un-presidential, they are more akin to the actions of a tyrant and therefore, by definition not American.  

The role or job of the President of the United States does not include:

  1. Setting up fake Facebook personalities
  2. Sending ground “troops” to Wisconsin to interfere in a state matter.
  3. Suing Arizona over local law.
  4. Shutting down off shore drilling despite being held in contempt of court.
  5. Proceeding with Health care implementation despite law being held un-constitutional with no attempt to appeal ruling.
  6. Disrespecting Israel at the UN.
  7. Not protesting the Iranian governments response to revolution in Iran
  8. Calling for Mubarak to step down, opening way for control by Islamic Brotherhood.
  9. Numerous and lavish vacations while in midst of financial crisis.
  10. Non-serious budget proposal.
  11. Bowing to foreign leaders.
  12. Continual fabrication of facts.
  13. Appointment of unelected, unaccountable and unconfirmed policy Czars.
  14. Enacting laws outside of the legislative process (Cap & Tax)

There are many more reasons, but can we please have a president who acts like a president? Is it really too much to ask? Mr. President, please resign!!